Kelly Eberly swims like fish, but when her disease starts to pull her under; will she ever resurface?
When Kelly Eberly’s parents move the whole family to rural Waterville, just after she turns thirteen, adjusting to life in the country proves to be anything but easy. With her parents arguing more than ever, her older sister Ellie preoccupied with her new boyfriend, and older brother Mitch trying to navigate his own crooked path, Kelly and little brother Willy are often left to fend for themselves. Her art and frequent visits with her Aunt Myra provide an anchor for Kelly’s soul, but when she has to go up a size for her summer wardrobe and is hit by other unexpected waves, she feels tossed and turned in an ocean of doubt. Wanting desperately to lose a few extra pounds, she dives into starting a diet and rigorous swimming routine. She only grows more focused on it as her family’s problems seem to mount. She doesn’t mind going unnoticed for a while as her waistline shrinks, but even within the chaos that is her family, she can’t hide her drastic weight loss for long. Soon, people are noticing. Aunt Myra is praying, Mitch is lecturing, and even her new friends are studying her under a microscope. How thin is thin enough? If she gets too thin, will she be able to stop; or is she in too deep? With so much going on in her family, will anyone be able to help her resurface?

Follow Kelly’s story as she tries to figure out her not-so-normal family, realizes the power of prayer, and learns to trust that God knows what he’s doing.

© 2013 Nora Ballew - All Rights Reserved
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